July 8, 2016




Founder & Director of Avenues International Inc. a consulting firm specializing in Big Data Analytics Cloud along with Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions. He has been managing and growing the consulting practice since 1994.

Anupam has successfully deployed Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions with major Fortune 100 corporations and his team has been and advising and consulting with client on several data analytics projects.

Focus has been on the technology, tools, architectural, design and deployment of Big Data Analytics Solutions. This involves analyzing the large volume of data, complex in nature (both structured and unstructured) in real time basis.

Using open source technology such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive along with traditional database and cloud based solutions, Anupam and his team has created an efficient and cost effective methodology and approach to gain valuable Insights into business and customer behavior.

Current project includes exploring the granular details of business operations and customer interactions including unstructured data coming from sensors, devices, third parties, Web applications, and social media and then using advanced analytics techniques such as predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing to understand the patterns and behavior.

Strategic Business Partnership with leading players in Big Data and Cloud:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Skill Specialties:
Experienced in consulting, managing and growing Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions